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Mushroom Id North America - Fungi Identification Guide to Toadstools and Mushrooms app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1872 ratings )
Developer: Isoperla
4.99 USD
Current version: 8.06, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Sep 2014
App size: 106.16 Mb

A stunning guide to fungi of North America.
Mushroom Id will help you quickly and easily identify species of the USA and Canada.

Mushroom Id is great fun to use. Identification can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Mushroom Id has been created by professional published ecologists, and uses images selected with the specific aim of aiding identification. Anatomical, ecological and taxonomic information is also included.

Mushroom Id can be used to keep a log of your fungi sightings making it easy to build a record of all the species youve seen.

SUNBIRD field guides are the only products on the market that use the KUSAM species identification methodology. This state of the art method is a modern taxonomic keying system designed specifically for use on mobile devices.

The app does not need an internet connection, all content is downloaded when the app is purchased. We will be adding new species regularly. Dont forget to keep your app up to date.

We use the term Mushroom to mean any type of fungi. Traditionally the term has been used only for Field Mushrooms by some, gilled fungi by others. There is no scientific limitation on the term and we have used it in this app for all types of fungi.

The app is intended for the general interest user with a love of the natural world. The app is not intended for use when foraging for wild foods and we strongly recommend you do not handle or eat wild mushrooms, many are extremely poisonous and easily misidentified.

Pros and cons of Mushroom Id North America - Fungi Identification Guide to Toadstools and Mushrooms app for iPhone and iPad

Mushroom Id North America - Fungi Identification Guide to Toadstools and Mushrooms app good for

Ive not had the app long enough to give it a 5 star rating yet but it has good potential with all the excellent pictures it contains for easy ID. Elly
This is a fun App to have with you on a hike. Not every mushroom is here but enough to identify the most common ones. Learning the families is easy. I was glad to find it and look forward to updates.
This is by far the best app around to identify and learn about mushrooms. It features an extensive list of mushrooms species with high quality photos, many helpful criteria and nice, detailed descriptions that include edibility, fruiting period, environs data and brief descriptions. Mushrooms are organised by family and the app even lets you compare mushrooms’ features. As an amateur mushroom finder, it’s very easy to search and identify a mushroom on the go: the app allows you to narrow down a mushroom by features, including color, size, head type, ring, and more. It even records my sightings so I am able to determine exact location for future field trips. A GREAT thing about the app, too, is that the mushrooms aren’t only searchable by Latin names, which is definitely a plus if you’re not a veteran mushroom picker. Also love that the app includes a quiz: it makes learning about mushrooms a lot more fun!
This app offers the most complete catalogue of wild mushrooms and fungi I have seen. It has an abundance of photographs for all fungi species, including edible, poisonous mushrooms, truffles, puffballs and brackets. It is my perfect little guide for identifying mushrooms. Also included are descriptive keys word searches like: details of size, shape, colour, habitat, and even tree spotting nearby. Great way of getting further involved in a nature-oriented community! Its a perfect addition!!
Awesome stuff, love to go out on adventures around Santa Cruz and other areas of the Pacific Northwest. Canada is where I plan to visit soon oh and Germany.
Truly this app has the right amount of information to make it useful.

Some bad moments

Many species are missing and typically few images per mushroom. Edibility rating is VERY cautious and seems done with a do-not-sue-us perspective. Some common names are not what I typically use, like stone bolete is called something else! At this time this app is not useful for someone who owns a good field guide i.e. real book or has real experience. It was a waste of my money but I hope with time they add many more species and images.
Pretty useless. Just buy a book or join r/mycology if you want to get into mushrooming. This app is junk. It has no useful information about territory of mushrooms, it doesnt list common names or useful scientific names. It doesnt tell you any details about stem, ribs or lack there of. It isnt extensive at all. Im actually mad that I spent money and it was so well reviewed.
There are only 175 species in the app. It failed to identify any of the species from a recent trip to the Smoky Mountains.
Incomplete guide with very little information provided for each species. Not worth $4.99. Should be a free app until the app is fully developed !
I expected more from this app for its price. There is not enough info here to truly identify anything. Each mushroom should have a simple list of identifying characteristics at minimum. I feel like I was just robbed, needs major improvements to be useful.
This app is on its way to being the best one Ive used and I have more than a couple. The pictures are incredible and being able to drop pins is great. The only thing holding back from being, in my opinion, the best is the quantity of species. Keep them coming. I have also noticed some of the editable mushrooms listed as toxic or not editable.

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